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Luminous DSP based Inverters are undoubtedly the very latest in the world of inverters. Packed with a range of user-friendly features, they are a symbol of convenience and comfort. DSP based Inverters stand for powerful performance with all round protection.

Luminous also caters to a variety of high power applications. These inverters are used commonly for running deep freezers and refrigerators of different sizes. Luminous high power range of inverters are also suitable for running elevators, Petrol Pumps, Telecom (Telecommunication equipment/device), hospitals, banks, shopping malls, etc.

Range: 800VA; 1500VA; 2.5KVA; 3KVA; 6KVA; 10KVA; 15KVA; 20KVA; 30KVA; 50KVA; 100KVA
(Please click on the model number for Technical Specifications)
DSP Range Features
Digital Signal Processing Technology
Sine Wave Output with intelligent real time control
Over 200% load cold start by the inverter
High speed MOSFET and IGBT protection for excess currents and voltage spikes
No humming noise from Inverter as well as from equipments connected to it
DC fuse available on the back panel for easy replacement
Compact and Reliable SMT based design
Smart Charge plus Technology for faster charging and longer battery life
High Frequency based design for instantaneous Sine Wave Control
Intelligent Thermal Management for longer life and higher reliability
Smart Charge+ Technology
High Frequency based Pulse Width Modulated Charger with high Input Power Factor
Up to 70% electricity saving
Charges battery up to two times faster
Advanced Battery Management Enhances battery life up to 70%
Intelligent Continuous Charging Profile adjustment
Negligible Water Loss
Regulated Battery Charging from 120V to 290V
Overload with Auto Reset.
Battery Deep Discharge protection with Reset option
Short Circuit Protection
Battery reverse polarity protection
Phase Reversal Protection
Miniature Circuit Breaker for Overload and Short Circuit Protection in Mains Mode instead of Cartridge Fuse
Advance Digi Display for
Mains On
Inverter On
Smart Charging
Overload/Short Circuit Trip
Battery Low Trip
Battery Fuse Blown
Battery Reverse Connection